Melanie Rakochy

Melanie is the Co-Founder of Rangers Basketball Club.  Melanie is a former player at the University of Saskatchewan and also played semi-professional basketball in The Netherlands.  She has coached over 40 seasons of elite basketball with various clubs, schools and organizations including Basketball Alberta, Basketball Saskatchewan, Basketball Nova Scotia, the Calgary Selects, as an assistant at the college level, and of course with Rangers Basketball Club.  Recently she is spending more and more time expanding her knowledge and network by coaching in the United States and Internationally with PGG (Point Guard College) in Arizona, the Future 50 in Texas, the Nike Phenom 150 Camp in California, the Aspire Basketball Showcase in Alberta and by running a basketball clinic with Brendan in Australia.  The less interesting part of her life includes being a Chartered Accountant and working as the CFO of Iron Horse Energy Services.