Our Coaches

High coach to athlete ratios help maximize feedback and development.

The success of our athletes isn’t just luck. It is a combination of coaching and work ethic. Our coaches have extensive experience playing and coaching at the post-secondary, provincial team and elite player level throughout Canada, the United States and Internationally. Basketball is their passion and they are continually expanding their knowledge and experience to benefit Rangers athletes. Here is some information about our leading coaches.

At Rangers Basketball Club, we believe in a high coach to athlete ratio in order to maximize individual feedback and development. Our grassroots philosophy not only supports the development of young athletes, but also the development of young coaches. Many schools are restricted in the number of teams they can run not because of a shortage of athletes, but because of a shortage of coaches. We had over 35 coaches involved in our programs last year! Chances are you will find a past or current Rangers coach in your school.

Our Coaches

Here is some information about our leading coaches.

Brendan Lally

Brendan is the Co-Founder and Visionary of Rangers Basketball Club. Brendan has coached over 40 seasons seasons of elite basketball including 10+ years as a post-secondary head or assistant coach in Canada

Melanie Rakochy

Melanie is the Co-Founder of Rangers Basketball Club. Melanie is a former player at the University of Saskatchewan and also played semi-professional basketball in The Netherlands.

Justin Boksteyn

Justin is a coach and teacher that continually strives to help children better themselves through thoughtfulness, hard work, and determination.

Katelyn Westerlund

Katelyn Westerlund brings exceptional knowledge and experience to our program through her Doctorate of Chiropractic education and personal accomplishments.

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